OPART Design & Debug Utility

Welcome to the next level of TOAW scenario design. ODD is a program that assists with the planning and implementation of scenarios for Norm Kroeger’s Operational Art of War. ODD was designed using the Century of Warfare release, and I don’t have any of the previous versions so I don’t know how well the program will work with those.

The phases of the scenario design process that ODD assists with are: map making, creating and testing event structures, and plotting objectives for the PO. The program can, to a limited extent, also assist with the evaluation and debugging of existing scenarios by reading key data out of the scenario dump file.

ODD is, first and foremost, a planning tool. It is secondarily a debugging tool. It does not and cannot replace the TOAW editor, and it does not in any way modify TOAW, its associated files, or any scenario or save game files.

The Operational Art of War is owned and trademarked by Talonsoft. Please refer to their license agreement concerning copyright laws relating to scenarios.

Opart Design & Debug (ODD) is Freeware which means you can use, copy, post, and distribute the program openly as long as it is delivered free and without financial obligation. You may also use the program to design scenarios for which a financial gain is expected.

However, if ODD is to be included in a package for financial gain (i.e. a scenario add-on CD), you must contact the author to obtain explicit permission for such distribution.

There is no installation program included. Unzip the program (if it came to you in a archived format) and copy the 3 files: ODD.exe, ODD.hlp, and ODD.cnt to a directory of your choosing.

ODD should run on just about any computer that has Windows 9.x or above installed. It was developed on a 400mhz Pentium II with 128 meg of RAM. The slowest computer I tested in on was a 75mhz Pentium I.

The segments of the program that will strain an older computer are: importing a bitmap, reading a dump file, and debugging/searching large event lists.

version is 1.2 which adds:

- Moved the main menu commands to screen buttons for easier access
- Installed Print Setup dialog
- Fixed the negative EEV bug
- To conform with Opart, will not display news strings that contain the word “debug”
- Fixed the Enable Event bug
- Installed the Help system

Version is 3.0 adds:

- User activated events in the simulator will display more info

- Map scaler grid will be drawn in the color of the current pen

- "Range Check" error fixed (hopefully)

- Much better feedback for scenario dump reads. The program will now give detailed information on errors that it encountered. For example, "Event 233: Unable to read x,y data" will tell you right off that information was missing from the dump file.

- Fixed the date bug. The program will now use whatever date format your OS is using.

- Event list print routine is improved.

- Added some additional functionality for the Event Filter (editor)

- Program can now import/export the event list from/to an Excel spreadsheet.

- In the simulator, failed probability events can now be manually triggered.

- There are also numerous other changes that most users probably won't notice. This is not the last update. If your particular suggestion was not incorporated it just means it requires a bit more work and I wanted to get this update out in a reasonable amount of time.

I would like to thank the members of the TOAW Design Group (tdg.nu) for their input during the development of this program, and for their patience while we worked through the teething pains.

I would especially like to thank those that contributed to the TOAW Event Editor (aka Evil Ed) knowledge base, without which I could not have developed the Simulator.

Curt has submitted a more recent version of ODD to TDG. I will call it version 3.1 to distingiush it from the last version.

If you have any questions you can try our forum or email Curt directly at the email below.

Curt Chambers (circ@sprynet.com)

Download ODD