ACOW editor v 0.93 ALPHA

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last update

7 October 2002 version 0.93

- corrected a bug on importing xml files.
- added a "wipe all" button on P8 that allow to blank the whole database.
- added a "bump db" button on the load/save panel that allow to export the whole database in text format. The file can then be imported in excel for modify/ insert/ delete of units blocks. A perl script allow to convert from the text file format back to an xml file for importing back into the BioEd.


The editor allows one to modify the ACOW weapon database and some other settings like the graphics files, terrain names, etc. The modifications are written in the exe so only games played with theses special exes are affected.

The editor support editing on ACOW 1.03 and 1.04, both standard and 300 versions. An export version allow to work on only one version, then transfert all the changes to the others versions.

The databse can be exported in a text format for work into excel. Theses text files can be converted back to a format readable by the editor with a perl script.


- ACOW must be installed as the editor will use the files from the "graphic" directory to display them.

- Any new graphic files to be used must already be in "ACOW/graphic" directory.

- exe files : the editor needs modified acow exe files. You can download them below as "support files".

- to use the export feature : you will need to have Microsoft XML parser engine v3 or more installed. It come with IE 6. If you don't have IE 6, you can download and install it as a stand alone windows service with this file (650 ko). It will not modify your computer otherwise.

- perl might be needed if you work with the exported text format of the database. Perl is a freeware script langage that can be downloaded here.


- installation : drop the editor in any folder and click it for lauch. There is no install or other files needed. To remove it, just delete it from the hard drive.

- load ACOW files : the editor can work only on modified exe files. Theses are listed below for download as "support files".

- editing : a list of items to edit will appear on the tree-view on the left after loading a file. You can modify them on right panels. Click the "apply" button for the modifications to appear in the editor. The "restore" button will reset the item to the state it was when loaded from the file.

- saving changes : the editor will detect any change and check the relevant domain to be saved (core, database, etc). If you don't want the change to be saved you can uncheck them.

- import/export XML files : these allow you to save to a text file changes made to the exe so that they can be imported into another exe. Like the saving feature, you can check the area you want to be saved. This will transfer all data, not just the ones that have been changed.
For import, the editor will read the XML file to propose a list of area to import. This can take up a few seconds so its normal if the editor become "sluggish" when you click on an XML file.
XML files are text so you can see them in a text editor. You can also open them in your web browser to have a look (don't try to read an export of the database with IE 6, it stalls; too much data). You can directly edit the XML file with some XML editor if you want (XMLEditPro v1.2 work well and is freeware; note that the initial parsing of a bioed xml file can take some time if you have exported the database).

- "Dump db" button : this will produce a text file with all the entries of the database. Each entry is on one line, with each field sepearated by a ":". At the top of the file a line started by an @ list the name of the various fields like name, country, AP, AA, etc.
You can import the file in excel, (using ":" as the field delimiter) and edit the values there, or just use notepad.
You can insert / delete entries (as long they have the correct numbers of fields) as you wish, the ID number isn't used thereafter and is there just for easy navigation.
All the fields can be edited, except the flags (armored, lightweight, etc). Theses appear under flag0, flag1, etc. Don't change the numbers if you want to avoid stranges results. The last field of each line list the flags in a more readable format, like in the ACOW equipement list doc file (ie by number code 1,36, 52 etc). It is the same code.
Once you have finished editing, you can use the txt2xml perl script to convert this file into an xml export file that the bioed can import. If your new database has less than 2019 entries, the script will fill them to avoid a bioed crash. If there is more than 2019 entries, it will issue a warning but won't change anything as this doesn't crash the bioed.


- Download Bioed

- Download support files for ACOW v1.03

- Download support files for ACOW v1.04

- Download Microsoft XML parser engine v3

- Download perl script
right click and save as...
change extention from txt to pl after download

txt2xml.txt convert between txt and xml format


- e-mail here.

- or post questions/bug report at the TAOW Design Group Forum.

Legal stuff

Freeware. Can not be sold.

Source code

VB6 source code of the bioed. Released under the GPL licence.
Be sure to read the readme.txt file for typelib setting.
Undocumented. Uncleaned. Good luck...

- Download source code